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With 23 research projects, CIEN-HUS-Méderi was the institution with the highest representation at the XXIX National Congress of Neurosurgery.

Get to know our research projects:

  • Excisional surgery based on NOMS framework in patients with cervical spine metastatic disease.
  • Minimally invasive anterolateral corpectomy for toracolumbar spinal pathology.
  • Spontaneous intracranial subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to a spinal arteriovenous malformation associated with Parkes Weber Syndrome.
  • Transition to radial approach for neurovascular procedures is safe and convenient: characterization of a learning experience.
  • Methylmethacrylate embolism during pedicle screw augmentation. Report of a case and literature review.
  • Assessment and management of spinal arteriovenous malformations.
  • Endovascular treatment for saccular aneurysm of the right distal vertebral artery (V4): A potential and safe therapeutic option.
  • Collet-Sicard Syndrome with facial and cochlear compromise secondary to a pontocerebellar angle lesion.
  • Metastatic small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma: Unusual subdural location – report of case and state of the art review.
  • Intraoperative indocyanine green videoangiography and Flow-800: potential clinical and surgical benefits in neurovascular surgery at a hospital in Bogotá,     Colombia.
  • Management of seizures and supratentorial intra-axial tumors in a reference medical center.
  • WHO Grade III neuroendocrine tumor presenting with CNS symptoms: a report of case and review of literature.
  • Survival prognostic factors in patients treated surgically for supratentorial metastases.
  • Erector spinae plane block under direct vision for the management of postoperative pain in spine surgery: preliminary results.
  • Treatment of refractory spasticity with baclofen pump: report of a case and state of the art review.
  • Assessment of vertebral fractures, defined by TLICS classification in relation to the clinical and functional outcome.
  • Refractory autonomic dysfunction after surgical decompression in cervical spinal contusion: report of case and state of the art review.
  • Evaluation of brain fetal development based on the analysis of cortical convolution  pattern in perinatal autopsies.
  • Safe withdrawal period of anticoagulant therapy in patients  requiring surgical drainage in chronic subdural hematomas
  • Awake craniotomy, functional surgical planning, neurocognitive monitoring and intraoperative cortical stimulation: first year of experience

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